We are a social organisation that seeks to increase the emotional and mental resiliency of individuals through the practice and philosophies of yoga.
Through the synchronization of breath, organic movement and creative expression, we want to inspire individuals to connect with their inner strength, confidence and ability to make healthy, sustainable life-choices.
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    with us

    We offer online, public, private and corporate meditation and yoga classes. coming soon!

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    yoga-based tools

    We use various modalities, including movement, conscious breathing techniques, and the expressive arts, to increase the emotional and mental resiliency of individuals.

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  • understand

    mental health & trauma

    We want to break the social stigma that revolves around mental illnesses, and it begins with educating ourselves.

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    mindful reminders

    To have physical objects to remind us to be mindful beings is sometimes essential on this journey towards healthy emotional and mental health. coming soon!